Username: Henry


«Username: Henry» is different, sardonic and futuristic. As the author is used to, the end will make you rethink everything, just like an epiphany. Near the first half of the 21st century and still, without finding the formula to rescue them from a centuries-old socioeconomic instability, Cubans decide to auction their sovereignty to the highest bidder from the group of world powers that will make their best offers to take over the country. The island will become the most prosperous tax haven on the planet. In the middle of the 22nd century, with the sun threatened to be detonated by an alien race and at one hundred and forty-five years of age, our protagonist, Henry Durand, a famous saxophonist from Madrid, will participate in a ritualistic party organized by the Spanish business and political elite, a surreal and unimaginable adventure for Henry and for Ilse, his sporadic lover, an exuberant IA-Bioandroide, her origin is quite different from the one he has relied on. Is it possible that everything isn’t as it appears? Find out for yourself!

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